Panzerlife: March update

Weird af intro

It’s almost midnight and I’m listening to That 2 A.M. Fresh Air lofi mix on youtube. I’ve done my work, chores, had some fun in Final Fantasy XIV and now I figured it’s a good time to write a blog post. I’m still wondering if I should keep it as a personal diary of a solo game developer or turn it into Panzerlife’s professional website. Let’s keep it a diary for now.

Monthly updates

First of all, some news. From now on I will try (really hard!) to post here at least ONCE every month. I would like to record progress on my project and make everyone sure that I am indeed working on it. Besides, it motivates me to work harder because I will try to show something good every month. I also promised myself to build a community around it – not just for marketing reasons but mainly because if you are interested in tanks then we have the same damn hobbies. I genuinely want to make some friends as I’m working on the game!

WIP: I am indeed working on the game
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