Christmas Space Bear vs Santa

Hello Little Bears,

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve posted anything here. Let’s get a little bit emotional then! 2019 was a difficult year for me. I started it with a really poor mental health and then I was trying to overcome it througout the whole year. And hey, I did it. My self-confidence went from 0 to 5/10. The number of my local Polish friends went from 1 to a bunch. I can tell you now – don’t rely on having Internet friends only. They’re great but you end up having nobody to hang out with irl.

Last year I didn’t do much gamedev stuff until December. That’s when I entered 2-Buttons Game Jam on which turned out to be a lot of ‘first times’ for me. My first game jam, first try at pixel art, first 2D game (even Hungry Bucket was 3D) and first time composing ‘8-bit’ music for the game. I had one week to develop a game which uses two input buttons only. The result of that one stressful week was Christmas Space Bear vs Santa. You can play it for free here:

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