New month, new game

Hello fellow Bears,

after a period of streaming variety of games, trying hard in Overwatch and finally doing nothing because of low motivation I’ve realized that there isn’t anything which gives me more satisfaction than gamedev.

This is why I’m going to refresh my website (starting with replacing free wordpress site by domain and no ads) and be even more determined to make games.

And because having good ideas is not enough, I want to hone my skills by making one mobile mini game each month.


Work, work, work

Isn’t that great, senpai? What do we get in October? you may ask and I’m going to answer you: a beary basic game. While it’s true that I made my first and only game in just two days, I don’t want to marathon it like that again. I want to keep the game idea as simple as possible and make it shine by creating a memorable atmosphere. It worked fine for Hungry Bucket.

Now here comes the teaser y’all been waiting for. Imagine a waifu in a biplane fighting evil forces. Old arcade style. Just think about it. It might be a new OC turned into actual content.

Release date: before October 2018 ends lol

Stay tuned, my Bears!

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