Hungry Bucket is now available in Play Store!

Dear fellow Bears,

The time has come. I’ve finally made and published my first game ever! You can download it here, but only if you’re a proud owner of Android smartphone:

And if you’re too lazy to read, you can learn everything from watching my latest devlog:

Now, let me tell you how did we get here. I’ve been learning how to develop games for two years now, but it was filling me with sadness that I never finished and published any game before. I also have Internet friends, who are wannabe indie developers like me, but the difference between me and them was that they have already published their first mini games.

This is why few days ago an idea came to my head. A challenging one. I decided to make my first game ever in less than 24 hours. Shortly past noon, I came up with a simple idea of a game in which you have to balance a ball on a seesaw and make it fall into a bucket to get points. I opened Unity engine, Blender, Photoshop and started working.

24 hours later, shortly before noon, the game was ready. I named it Hungry Bucket 1.0 and published to Google’s Play Market. It was playable, but bugged and not very well balanced. That is why, I polished things the next morning and released version 1.1 and finally, added a leaderboard for a version 1.2, which is (I think) going to be final.

I really enjoyed the time spent on making Hungry Bucket. I proved myself that I can develop games fast (game jam-ready developer here ^^) and my first game ever is there, in the Play Store, available to download for everyone. I’m very proud of this!


I realize that the game is not flawless, but I gained experience, which is going to help me a lot with developing Tankathlon (which is doing fine, by the way. Alpha version is coming soon). As a developer, I became a little less of a shit.

Thank you!

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