The struggle is over

Hello Big Bears,

I did it. I finished my MA thesis. FI-NA-LLY.


It’s only the second day of me being free at last. Yesterday I was, *cough cough* celebrating and today I want to go back to work. There’s so much things I’d like to do! To keep myself organized, I got back to using a certain Internet organizer (no free commercials here, teehee. Unless you don’t use adblock. I’m sorry for these. For now I’m too poor to afford a premium no-ad wordpress) and here are my main goals for November:


  • to make a loading screen
  • to implement saving and showing highscores
  • to make a prototype of PzKpfw I (not sure which variant yet)
  • to prevent player from falling into river


  • to make devlog #6
  • to start delivering my Patreon rewards (one 3D model per week). A lack of interest demotivated me too much about it

I hope that I can stop being lazy and prove myself that I can be organized.

Stay tuned for more awesome blog posts,


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