That one time I had a job interview at CD Projekt Red

Hey guys!

I removed gifs from my previous posts, because I was applying for a job in gamedev and I wanted this blog to look more serious, as I included it in my resume. But that’s not the case anymore and I can be silly again ecksDeeee


Are you 12 or what?!

In contrary to what you may think, I’m 25 and not 12, and for the last few months I’d been looking for a job in gamedev as a QA Tester. I sent my resumes to few Polish companies (both outsource ones and developers) and one of them actually replied. It was CD Projekt Red. The guys known for games like the Witcher, the Witcher and the Witcher. I was super excited!

Recruitment process

At first, they sent me a test to assess my skills. I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you details, but I could tell you about assessment tests in general, based on articles I’ve read and experience of my friends who had also applied for a job as a QA Testers.

When you apply for a job in QA, assessment tests are the first steps of recruitment process in almost every case. If you want to be prepared, be ready for tasks like:

  • spotting bugs in screenshots they show you
  • if the test is in their HQ, they could ask you to play one of their special bugged games and write down as many bugs as you can. Most of them are really obvious, but they also have few subtle ones prepared to check your perception skills
  • introducing yourself in a nice way. Be ready to talk or write about your motivation, experience and goals for future

Luckily, I passed the test and few days later they invited me for the job interview in their HQ in Warsaw. It got me even moe hyped!


Yes, moe was intentional. I’m the worst.

I woke up at 4am and traveled 500km to Warsaw by train. CD Pro’s HQ looked dull from the outside, but it was absolutely amazing inside.


This is where I waited for the interview

The interview begun at exactly 2pm.  Its basic goal was to get to know me. That is why it’s good to be prepared for all the “why” questions:

  • why did you pick our company?
  • why do you want to work in QA?
  • why do you think you are a good candidate?

After getting through “why” questions, they can bombard your mind with “what” questions:

  • what do you think a good QA tester should be like?
  • what do you think the job is going to look like?
  • what are your favorite games and why do you like them? What makes them so good?

And so on, and so on. I feel like there aren’t good or bad answers to this kind of questions. As I mentioned, the main goal is to get to know your personality and watch your reactions.

After the interview, I went back to my hometown and started waiting for a reply. I received it one week later: feedback was positive and I was invited for the final interview.

This time I got a bit more nervous, because if I passed it, I would get the job. I went back to Warsaw. The interviewers were different, but they asked almost exactly the same questions. This had surprised me – didn’t they note down my answers last time? But the goal was again to get to know me. Despite my nervousness, I think I was doing pretty well. It was until they started asking me technical questions. They described a bug and asked me why do I think it occured. There were questions about AI and some mathematical function I’ve never heard of. As a history student, I obviously didn’t know the answers. ‘Am I supposed to note down bugs I spotted or write code for you guys?’, I thought. Apparently, in a big developer companies like that, it’s important not only to spot a bug, but also to know it’s source pretty well.

Two weeks later CD Pro contacted me again, but this time to tell me that unfortunately I didn’t get the job and they wished me good luck with my projects (we were talking about them during my interviews).

I was down for a while, but I got over it. I came back to reality with even stronger desire to go the indie way in gamedev. I will never step off this way, even if it means making just few dollars a month. And eating instant noodles.

Thanks for your time,


Kisses and huggies!

Kuma ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ


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