Developer Update #3

It took me some time, but it’s finally there! This update is quite big, because a lot has happened since the last one. There is a new NPC, there are trees, bridge and a prototype of new UI. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I plan to upload the next update between 9th and 12th June. It’s not going to be as big, because next month is going to be really busy for me, unfortunately. I have to write my MA thesis ASAP. My tutor and parents are expecting me to work hard, I also want to finally finish this period of my life called university.

After graduating, I plan to take a break for my last long summer vacations and focus on NeetTown. Then, I’d like to find a job in a gamedev industry.

And lastly, I have to mention this. I really love all the feedback from you guys. ❤

Stay awesome bros!


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